Kitchen Worktop

Behind Okite® a solid industrial reality.

Resistant, multifunctional and aesthetically unique. This is OKITE®, an unrivalled, state-of-the-art product highly esteemed by the best professionals in the field of architecture, design and furniture. OKITE® is a surface made of quartz and resin, available in 306 x 140 (nominal value) slabs with different thickness (13, 20 and 30) skilfully processed and adapted to your creativity needs. OKITE® is a leading product in the industry, thanks to a wide portfolio of products which do not require any special maintenance, offering aesthetic benefits and high performances to you and your customers.

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Why Okite?

OKITE® is the result of a combination of quartz, polyester resin and natural pigments. OKITE®, above all, arises from the mix of different design approaches. Designers, general contractors and developers have cooperated to find the perfect union of creativity, engineering and design. .


The visual impact in any environment where OKITE® is used is amazing. In fact, OKITE® stands out even for the great versatility of the material, which is also suitable for bar counters, partitions, receptions, work surfaces, decorative coatings, walls, etc.

Maintenance & Care

Gentler on the environment OKITE

  • has been certified, by the leading international certification bodies and institutes, as a safe and healthy product, ideal for the installation in schools and hospitals. • Certified to ISO 14001 standard – The environmental protection standard in industry. Covering all internal and external procedures, it ensures safety for all our workers and an environmentally friendlier production process requiring almost no detergents.
  • Health certificate: according to NSF, OKITE
  • is a safe and healthy product which lends itself to the installation and use in areas destined to food preparation, both at home and in cafés or restaurants. Its non-porous surface, in fact, is stain-resistant and prevents the absorption of moisture and food residues which may result in the formation of harmful bacteria;
  • Safe use of OKITE® in schools and indoor spaces: the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute has approved the use of OKITE
  • in indoor spaces and schools. The product does not contain or release any hazardous volatile organic compounds, according to the strict standards established by the GEI;
  • Total compliance with the EU standards on good manufacturing practices (GMP): SEIEFFE voluntarily and regularly checks the compliance of manpower, training, raw materials, packaging and manufacturing processes. The reference standards are the GMPs, established by the 2023/2006 European Commission Regulation.


Its size is approximately 306 x 140 cm. The slabs have a thickness of 2 and 3 cm. For some colours, the slabs available may have a thickness of 13 mm, 18 mm and 28 mm.

Available Edges

Areana Stone Kitchen Worktop Bullnose
Ceasar Stone Kitchen Worktop Bevel
Cimstone Kitchen Worktop Half Bullnose
Compac Kitchen Worktop Eased
Luna Stone Kitchen Worktop Full Bevel
Silestone Kitchen Worktop Semi Bullnose
Areana Stone Kitchen Worktop Ogee
Ceasar Stone Kitchen Worktop Double Eased
Cimstone Kitchen Worktop Triple Bullnose
Compac Kitchen Worktop Miter
Luna Stone Kitchen Worktop Triple Ogee
Silestone Kitchen Worktop Double Bullnose
Areana Stone Kitchen Worktop Double Bevel
Ceasar Stone Kitchen Worktop Double Half Bullnose