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Çimstone is a quartz-based compound stone produced with the Italian BRETON technology. Combining the natural stone textures with the robustness of quartz, Çimstone is reliably used for laboratories in particular due to its anti-bacterial hygienic composition. Further, it may be applied to such different areas of use as internal walls, facade, stairs, window sills, skirting and flooring.

Caesarstone is passionate as we are about design, they are equally committed to providing the best quality and service. Caesarstone has received worldwide recognition for our commitment to quality, safety and environmental standards. Each and every one of their surfaces is carefully inspected to ensure it meets the highest level of international quality standards. Their surfaces come with a comprehensive warranty and professional customer service and support to our customers in over 50 countries worldwide.

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Why Çimstone?

Not absorbing liquid due to its compact composition, Çimstone is stainproof and displays a high resistance to the abrasive effects of acids and bases thank to this property. It may be produced in different colours compatible with cupboard covers, which suit different expectations, with texture and design alternatives. Capable of being provided with effects with such different materials as mirror, glass, seashells colored with pigments, Çimstone offers such alternatives different from those surface covering materials which have come to be accustomed up to the present time and completes the changing kitchen and bathroom culture and modern designs of the present day.

Design to your taste… Working the marble texture with the robustness of quartz in its products with vein effects standing out in its colour range, Çimstone blends well with any types of furniture, metallic accessories and inox products thanks to its products of shades of cream, beige, mink, brown and grey as well as its veined products.

About quartz

Shaping quartz mineral which is one of the hardest mineral in nature with the state-of-art technology of the present day, Çimstone offers elegant, robust and hygienic counters for kitchens and bathrooms.

Displaying a high wear and scratch resistance thanks to the quartz mineral of 7 mohs hardness which comprises its composition, Çimstone takes the radiance and robustness of the quartz mineral to surfaces.

Having a high flexural and impact resistance, Çimstone does not easily crack nor break during cutting and transportation. Further, quartz which is one of the stones with the highest curative properties stimulates brain functions. It removes any negative energy and attracts positive energy occurring around an individual.

Carrying the energy of quartz to your living spaces, Çimstone preserves its first day’s outlook for many years.

Thanks to quartz which, with its hardness of 7 mohs, considerably approaches the hardness of diamond which has a hardness of 10 mohs in the Mohs hardness scale, Çimstone is not scratched by metallic or similar materials and displays an intensive wear resistance even in spaces with high circulation for a life time.

Maintenance & Care

Çimstone is accredited by a hygiene report to be a nonporous, stain free material of high abrasion, scratch and impact resistance. Çimstone is reported by the prestigious independent German Product Analysis and Safety Center LGA GmbH to be free of any bacterial growth after exposure to moulds and resistant bacteria. As well the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), has certified Çimstone as a safe material for direct contact with any kind of food. Accredited with an easy and excellent overall cleanability by the same, your Çimstone countertop has proved to be completely safe as to microbiological hygiene after cleaning which makes it ideal for food preparation.

As Çimstone is highly resistant against acids and alkalis, tea, soda, wine, vinegar, lemonade, fruit juice stains and spots of strong spices are no more problem. Its nonporous structure makes Çimstone stain free. A simple cleaning done with a small amount of liquid detergent and a damp cloth makes the surface maintain its brand new look and clean appearance as in the first-day for long years. Besides a regular daily cleaning, the simplest way to care and maintain your countertop is to wipe away any spilled food before it turns into a permanent stain. Remember that detergents containing bleach and hard scouring granules may harm surfaces over the time. Therefore, pay due attention and meticulous care in detergent selection and use water to thoroughly cleanse the surfaces off any detergent residues after treatment.

Technical Information

Since the slabs are 93% natural quartz, each slab is unique and may reflect slight variations in dimension, thickness, warpage, colour, texture, shade and quartz distribution given that the variations fall within the permissible tolerances set by the standard. Visual inspection for obvious irregularities is essential to prevent any possible defects or customer dissatisfaction. Check for all the following items prior to cutting.

Çimstone slabs defined in this manual are intended for and used in manufacturing counter and vanity tops. For your applications other than countertops you should ask for alternative suitable Çimstone products and related documentation including technical application procedures and standards.

Çimstone slab is nominally 305 cm long, 140 cm wide and has an area of 4.27 m2. A slab of 2cm thickness weighs for about 230 kg. A slab length between 303 and 306 cm and/or a slab width between 138.5 and 141 cm are considered to fall within the required tolerances. Actual usable A-quality slab surface shall be 300x135 cm.

Available Edges

Areana Stone Kitchen Worktop Bullnose
Ceasar Stone Kitchen Worktop Bevel
Cimstone Kitchen Worktop Half Bullnose
Compac Kitchen Worktop Eased
Luna Stone Kitchen Worktop Full Bevel
Silestone Kitchen Worktop Semi Bullnose
Areana Stone Kitchen Worktop Ogee
Ceasar Stone Kitchen Worktop Double Eased
Cimstone Kitchen Worktop Triple Bullnose
Compac Kitchen Worktop Miter
Luna Stone Kitchen Worktop Triple Ogee
Silestone Kitchen Worktop Double Bullnose
Areana Stone Kitchen Worktop Double Bevel
Ceasar Stone Kitchen Worktop Double Half Bullnose